Kids ToDo List


Kids ToDo List

Simple and Useful Picture Card Scheduler. This app allows it’s user to easily create a To-Do List.

Visual supports allow users to remember routines in orders to remain on track.  With this app, you can easily create your task list by arranging the picture cards. All picture cards support voice sounds. In addition, you can create your original picture cards with your own picture and voice recording.

This app is developed from the needs of teachers and parents of children who attend LITALICO classrooms. Kids To Do List allows you to use it anywhere at any time via iPhone or iPad. It motivates children by visual rewards in the form of tapping stars and/or collecting fish when you finish a task.

Characteristics of this app:

  • 100 types of cards for everyday use.
  • The app supports multiple languages.
  • Ability to create original cards with your own pictures and voice recordings.
  • You can specify a time on each task.
  • Collect fish by finishing your tasks.
Kids ToDo List

What we think

Kids To Do List does use theoretical underpinnings including the use of an interactive visual support which is said to be a practical cognitive tool to support children with Autism learn key life skills.

Kids To Do List incorporates the use of pictures, sounds and reward motivators to assist young children to engage in daily routines. The app has 100 different action cards to use however it also allows the user to take a picture and create their own action card to place in a daily routine.

The app is simple to use with minimal functions and buttons on the screen.

The app allows the user to decipher a child’s routine from 100 built in action cards and allows the user to create their own. The user is then able to modify the time these actions are to be completed in order to fabricate a personalised routine based on their own home life.

These routines can be modified at any time depending on the person’s needs/daily routine.

The app motivators are basic in that the aim is to collect 31 fish.

Every time the user completes a task (e.g. morning routine, changing clothes, afternoon routine) they achieve 1 fish. Once you have collected all 31 fish you have finished all of your tasks.

The app allows the user to change the language to 1 of 11 different languages.

The app is able to be personalised to suit the needs of the user. It enables the actions to be altered based on the overall task needing to be completed. It also allows the user to create actions and tasks of their own.

Kids To Do List targets it’s intended skill of introducing it’s user to organisation and independence in their everyday routines. The app provides a way to introduce the ability to follow visual schedules and allows the user to incorporate time management skills.

The app is basic in that the motivator may become less motivating after 1 or 2 uses. The app could be improved by allowing the user to create their own reward/motivator based on the user’s interests as it does with the action cards.

Kids To Do List is self-explanatory and easy to use. The screen is not overstimulating and allows the user to revisit their collected ‘fish’ rewards in order to review how far through they are in their routine.


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Age Ranges: Early Years

Curriculum: Personal & Social, Information & Communication Technology

Organisation and Independence
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