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The Choiceworks app is an essential learning tool for helping children complete daily routines (morning, day, & night), understand & control their feelings and improve their waiting skills (taking turns and not interrupting).


What we think

Yes. This app is based on the theory surrounding the benefits of schedules and sequences to people with Autism.

It is easy to create new schedules. The colours chosen make it easy to see and view. Templates allow for ease of interaction.

Yes. The number and complexity of tasks in the schedule can be customised to suit the individual. A timer can be added when required.

Yes. Motivators are chosen by the individual.

For children, this app is best used with a parent, teacher, or clinician. Adults will be able to use independently to set their own schedules.

Yes, to an extent. There is limited adaptability of pictures, and no adaptability for voice over choice.

Yes, it allows for scheduling and time management.

The ability to record audio for the voiceover would be a good way to further personalise.
The app would also benefit from the ability to create new board categories.

The bright colours make the app fun, and it was very easy to use.


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Evidence base / Theoretical underpinning:
Ease of use:
Multi-purpose tool:
Use of motivators / rewards:
Personalisation / Individualisation:
Value for money:


Age Ranges: Adult, School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Critical & Creative Thinking, Personal & Social

Organisation and Independence Social Skills
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