Keedogo Plus – Keyboard for education

By AssistiveWare B.V.

Keedogo Plus – Keyboard for education

Keedogo is an iPad keyboard designed for children and young students who just started to read, write and type. The keyboard provides a simplified layout with just the essential keys so early writers can focus on developing their skills rather than being distracted by symbols and functions they don’t yet need.

Keedogo Plus – Keyboard for education

What we think

Yes, the app is easy to use and add as a feature to your iPad

Yes, the app could be used on different iPad’s in a variety of contexts.

Motivators are not relevant in this app.

Yes, there are features for different Language, predictive texts/ phrases.

Yes, the app can be individualised to suit the needs of the person.

Yes, the app is helpful in modifying the keyboard of an iPad as necessary.

I like that the app is functional and can be modified to suit the child’s Literacy skill level.


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Evidence base / Theoretical underpinning:
Ease of use:
Multi-purpose tool:
Use of motivators / rewards:
Personalisation / Individualisation:
Value for money:


Age Ranges: Early Years, School-Age

Curriculum: Literacy

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