Real Vocabulary Pro

By Virtual Speech Center Inc.

Real Vocabulary Pro

Real Vocabulary provides the user with the opportunity to respond to a number of questions with a focus on developing their vocabulary. The app consists of pre-set word lists, and with the full purchase of the program, the user can add their own words, pictures and recordings. The app targets both receptive and expressive language skills. During receptive tasks, the user is provided with a question and then the option of four possible answers. During expressive tasks, the user is required to verbally respond to questions. The app also allows progress to be tracked for different users.

Real Vocabulary Pro

What we think

The app is developed by a Speech Pathologist at the Virtual Speech Centre. The app targets language acquisitions skills in a developmental progression. The app also consists of positive reinforcers to motivate the user to complete with tasks.

The app is easy to use and navigate through. It is also easy to customise and choose content for the user to participate in.

The app targets a range of different concepts taught in the early primary school years but can also be customised to include vocabulary concepts specific to the user. The app targets both expressive and receptive language.

After each question, the user is provided with a star for a correct answer. Once the user has retrieved all their stars, they have access to play a game as a reward.

It would be recommended that children using the app are supported by an adult to ensure that vocabulary is targeted at an appropriate level. A second person is also required for the expressive language task to inform the user if they have provided a correct answer.

The app has a number of settings that can be personalised for the user. This includes choosing the vocabulary lists, concepts targeted and number of correct answers before receiving an award. The app also allows for vocabulary sets to be added to the list (this function is only available if all vocabulary sets have been purchased.) The app also allows for reports to be developed for each user showing their progress.

The app provides many opportunities to build the user’s understanding and use of different concepts and vocabulary. The app targets language in a developmental progression and can be personalised to focus on concepts specific to the individual.

In the free version there is a limited number of questions and content that the user has access too. In-app purchase can me made to access further the vocabulary sets. The app will only allow you to create your own questions if the full vocabulary set has been purchased.

The app in interactive and allows the user to work towards playing a motivating game. I also like the option that is available to customise and add words specific to the user in the full purchased app.


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Age Ranges: Adult, School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Literacy, Personal & Social, Information & Communication Technology

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