Clicker Books

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Clicker Books

This app is designed to help users put together their very own storybook, or for caregivers to create personalised reading books for the user.

Users can add pictures, text and sound to create dynamic books with the support of topic-specific word or picture banks. This helps the user to structure their work and encourages them to use relevant vocabulary.

Other support features such as realistic speech feedback, intelligent word prediction and a talking spellchecker will help the user’s confidence grow as they create grammatically-correct text with accurate spelling.

Free ready-made resources are available to download and use.

Clicker Books

What we think

Yes this app is a convenient way to present and provide the supports commonly used in the classroom to help individuals develop their Literacy and Language skills.

The Edit Mode allows easy creation of vocabulary banks, and there is easy access to ready-made books for the caregiver to download.

The subject matter, vocabulary and comprehension level can be tailored to suit the user’s particular learning needs and objectives.

The app includes the ability to add illustrations and pictures to the book to motivate and personalise.

Clicker Books includes a dyslexic friendly font, a lower case keyboard, realistic speech feedback, intelligent word prediction and a talking spellchecker to increase accessibility.

Topics, vocabulary banks, pictures, voice playback settings, font and keyboard can be tailored to suit the user’s needs.

The Clicker range of apps can seem costly, so it may benefit some buyers if there were a ‘lite’ version or trial period.

Having access to an expanding bank of pre-made activities means less work for you.


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Age Ranges: School-Age

Curriculum: Critical & Creative Thinking, Literacy

Language Literacy Social Skills
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