Bag Game

By all4mychild

Bag Game

Bag game is an app that focuses on multiple socio-communication skills such as  turn taking, categorisation skills, asking-understanding and answering questions by providing correct description and making inferences. In addition, it also provides opportunities to understand part to whole relationship.

The app allows users to hide an image in a bag. The other users have to use 5 Wh- questions in addition to other questions, to correctly guess the hidden  item in the bag. On the bottom of the screen, the question mark icon can be tapped to keep a track of the number of questions asked to correctly guess the item.

Bag Game

What we think

There is no research/ review available to support the app. The app provides a game that supports interaction with others, by asking and answering questions, promoting good conversation and turn taking skills.

Yes, the app has a very simple interface which allows the users to easily access and understand the app, however some of the images might be a bit old e.g. telephone with a cord, desktop pc etc.

Although the app has multiple options to choose an image that can be hidden in the bag, the number of inbuilt pictures/graphics in the app are quite limited. Similarly there are no easy, medium or hard levels which can provide more opportunities for skills building and consolidation.

No. It is designed that the interaction with others acts as a motivator, and winning the game the ultimate prize.

Yes. Anyone with good literacy and comprehension will be able to enjoy this game. Scaffolding and support for users with lower receptive language is encouraged.

This app not only allows the inbuilt images/graphics to be hidden, but also gives the option to select an image from the photo gallery to use it for playing the game. Furthermore, it also allows people to draw image on the iPad and hide it in the bag.

Yes. The game offers a fun and interaction game to play with others, using a range of language skills.

The app could have been better if it included:

-Multiple levels of difficulty

-Options to choose different pictures for an item e.g. a laptop or a tablet instead of desktop pc.

-Written word with the images.

-Feedback to the answers provided.

-Ability to partially show some part of the item to help the person guess if they were struggling.


The app can be used not only for recreational purposes but also for academic purposes e.g. practicing asking and answering questions, categorisation skills etc.


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Age Ranges: Adult, School-Age

Curriculum: Literacy, Critical & Creative Thinking

Language Literacy Social Skills
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