Toca Tea Party

By Toca Boca AB

Toca Tea Party

Toca tea party inspires imaginary play as it prompts players to gather their friends (or toys) around the iPad (table) to simulate a real tea party. The player sets up the tea party table, pretends to eat and drink, cleans spills and washes dishes. With up to 3 players, this app can target language and social skills and could be used to model good manners in the context of meal time.

Toca Tea Party

What we think

This app is play based and does not have a theoretical underpinning or evidence base. The app creators at TocaBoca design their apps from a child’s perspective and this is evident in its use of colourful, bright graphics, fun sounds and kid-friendly interface.

Yes, its easy interface is designed to be readily understood by kids. There are no written or audio instructions provided at the start, but the animations are engaging as they bounce and light up to prompt players to touch in order to move onto to the next action.

Yes. This app can be used to develop imaginary play and social skills in a variety of ways. It prompts single players to gather teddies or toys to gather around the iPad for a virtual tea party. It also allows for multiplayer (up to three) which can target sharing, taking turns, listening skills and opportunities to model and practice table conversations.

The game does not motivate to earn points or unlock higher levels and the steps are simple including: setting up the table, choosing food and drink, inviting friends (or toys) to the tea party, eating and drinking with your finger, then washing the dishes to end before playing all over again.

It‘s main motivators would include colourful graphics, the fun auditory feedback from touching the animations, and being able to choose how to set up the table from the selection of crockery, food and drink.

Yes, this app can be used by players aged from early years (as young as 3 years old) to school age due to its user-friendliness

Yes, the app provides choices to the individual to choose what drink, food, picnic blanket, plate and cup he/she wants- even whether they want to turn on or off the radio to have background music. Each ‘round’ does not have a time limit, allowing the individual the flexibility to play at his/her pace.

Yes, this app encourages a child’s imagination and creativity as well as learning about activities of daily living (setting up, eating, table conversations, cleaning up and packing away).

There are no suggestions for improvement for this app, apart from expanding the variety of choices of colours/designs, drink and food.

The well designed graphics are appealing, and I like how you can include multi-players, as well as the prompt to gather dolls and toys to encourage imaginary and creative play.


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Personal & Social

Games/Motivators Language Social Skills
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