Pocket Pond 2

By TriggerWave LLC

Pocket Pond 2

Pocketpond is a game where the users can watch and interact with a pond and fish on screen. It can be used for a variety of reasons such as to develop touch screen skills, as a motivating activity or as a tool for building Language and problem solving.

Pocket Pond 2

What we think

No, this app has not been officially trialled through research. Although it does target relaxation/mindfulness, which can be useful tools.

Overall very easy to use, however the button to “add” extra items is small and not easily distinguishable from the background which may make it difficult for some clients. Clients with poor Fine Motor skills or dexterity may experience some difficulties.

Can be used in a variety of different contexts but more of a motivator than a goal-directed activity.

Yes. When you touch the screen you are rewarded with ripples in the water and the fish will swim away. However, if you wait for a few seconds the fish will come back. Very visually rewarding. Extra visual stimuli can be added to increase visual and auditory experiences. The app has sound effects om the background even when you are not touching the screen, however when you touch the screen you get the added bonus of the sound of water rippling. The volume can be turned off though if it is distracting.

Yes. However to change settings the buttons are small and not easily distinguishable from the background which may make full accessibility difficult for some clients.

Settings can be changed to alter the intensity of water rippling (increase or decrease visual stimuli), you can also add extra items to increase visual stimuli and auditory sounds.

More easily accessible buttons to change settings/add items with greater contrast between the button and the background of the game and a larger size.

– This app is a great calming app – I could see it being used for clients who seek visual and auditory input, particularly in times of heightened emotions.- An app that could encourage cause and effect.- Vivid colours and good graphics.


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Age Ranges: Adult, School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Personal & Social

Fine Motor Skills Games/Motivators
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