Pango Storytime: kid & toddler

By Studio Pango SAS

Pango Storytime: kid & toddler

Pango Storytime is an interactive app that is both a story book and a game perfectly made for little fingers to enjoy. Each unique, funny and heart warming story holds a different adventure where the character needs your help.

Pango Storytime: kid & toddler

What we think

The app uses a visual, bright and clear layout, making it easy for younger or older children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to navigate and enjoy. The app can be appropriately scaffolded by parents or therapists to suit the child’s level/ age and can be used to target a range of goals including vocabulary, sentence formulation, narrative skills and articulation. The app uses sounds and stories which are relevant across a range of situations and themes (e.g. gardening, baking, cooking, circus, fishing, bedtime routines) and provides automatic feedback to support the child’s progress.

To move the story along, children need to interact with the story and follow simple instructions. The app is simple and functional and encourages children to develop their fine motor skills (finger isolation skills). The app offers a 24 hour free trial period and then requires users to subscribe for a monthly or yearly payment. More information about the app can be found on the creators easy to use website. Users can also have the flexibility of accessing the Pango YouTube Channel.

Pango Storytime is a versatile and functional app which can be used to target a variety of goals for various age groups, genders and skills levels. The app can continue to support your child’s goals as your child grows and their skills grow, for example, the app can support younger children developing vocabulary goals as well as older children developing narrative goals. By using a wide range of relatable themes, the app is able to appeal to children and their real life experiences, enhancing their interaction with the app and characters.

The app is able to include appropriate motivators as each story provides the user with clues to move the story along, making it a motivating tool to encourage the child to find out what will happen next, which they can only do by interacting with the characters.

The app is best suited to children from the age of 3+ who have well developed joint attention.

The app can be easily adapted to suit the attention and skill level of each user and the facilitating adults can adjust the activity as required. With a variety of themes, the app can suit children with a variety of interests and past experiences and can be used independently, 1:1 with an adult or in small group environments.

The app appropriately targets the intended skill of developing joint attention, narrative skills, vocabulary, sequencing and sentence development. Each of these skills can be scaffolded or targeted differently to suit the skill level of the child.

The app is less accessible for older school aged children due to the child like graphics and sound effects despite the app still appropriately targeting narrative skills for older children who may be at a lower level. This factor does limit the range of students who may want to interact with this app and could be an area of improvement.

I loved using this app to explore the wide range of themes and characters and I found myself also motivated to move through the story to find out what happens next and to learn how I would need to interact with the story to move to that next stage. The app has a clear layout and fun graphics and I found myself excited by the wide range of ways that I could use it to target a variety of goals. This app is a great resource and a great way to encourage language skills and a love of stories in younger children.


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Literacy, Language, Fine Motor Skills, Games/Motivators

Fine Motor Skills Games/Motivators Language
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