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Additional Description

The app allows the person to create their own short animation clips using either the included scene templates or the option to draw or take photos to create your own.

Format iPad
Age Range under school, early primary, late primary
Motivators noise/auditory, visual
Curriculum/Goal Areas literacy, ethical behaviours, critical/ creative, personal social
Evidence-based Intervention Individual Supports, Highly Structured Supports
Targeted Skills Narrative and identifying emotions
Great For

The app provides visual and verbal supports in the structuring of a short story.
A variety of scenes and characters are available that provide some direction for the story content.
The child can move the characters and also record their voice to tell the story.
The app allows you to assign music to each scene based on the type and level of emotion.
The app produces the clip with titles and credits.
Completed clips can be viewed and uploaded on ‘ToonTube’.

Please Consider

The provided scenes may be more motivating for boys rather than girls
Further scenes and characters can be purchased through the ‘toy store’ at an additional fee with the free version
Sharing clips through TuneTube requires the device to have an internet connection.

Generalise Skills and Knowledge

This app may help to develop an understanding of narrative structure. Encourage the person to use the same structure in school writing tasks or verbal narratives.



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