Articulation Carnival

By Virtual Speech Center Inc.

Articulation Carnival

Articulation Carnival, by Virtual Speech Center, is designed to be used by Speech Pathologists and/or Parents to support/facilitate their student/child’s articulation practice.

The facilitator can draw from a database of pictures and audio recordings of words that highlight various phonemes (speech sounds) in their initial (/b/all), medial (ba/b/y) and final (ba/b/e) positions. The student can practice by listening to the recording and then articulating the target phoneme in single words, phrases, or full sentences.

The facilitator can score the sound as correct, approximate or incorrect inside the app, and then view a report at the end of the session.

The app includes carnival themed reward games and trophies to motivate the student to persist with their practice.

You can purchase a larger database as an upgrade, or alternatively manually create new entries.

Articulation Carnival

What we think

This app emulates a common, evidence-based therapy approach used by Speech Pathologists to support the development of phoneme production.

The app is simple and well organised, however please note it is designed to be used by a facilitator and not the student themselves.

The app is only designed for articulation practice, however you can update the phoneme targets to reflect the student’s current needs.

The student earns balloons for correct words, and once they have met the number of balloons set by the facilitator (e.g. 5) they can play a reward game. The games are entertaining, and if played well may earn the student a virtual trophy for their shelf.

Sound effects can be set to provide audio feedback for correct, approximate and incorrect results

This app will mostly be used for students with speech difficulties, e.g. Childhood Apraxia of Speech

The database can be manually updated – this might be done to include words/phrases that are meaningful to the student.

The app is specifically designed to encourage articulation practice, as described.

Some students might benefit from video or picture prompts showing how to physically produce the sound. There are other apps that can do this, such as Virtual Speech Center’s Apraxia RainbowBee.

Simple, easy to use, and the user can track progress via the reporting tool.


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Personal & Social, Information & Communication Technology

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