Touch and Learn – Emotions

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Touch and Learn – Emotions

Touch and Learn is a powerful new gaming platform that allows you to introduce new concepts in a fun and exciting new way. This app focused on helping kids read body language and understand emotions by looking at gorgeous pictures and figuring out which person is expressing a given emotion.

Touch and Learn – Emotions

What we think

The Touch & Learn-Emotions app is an explicit social skills teaching tool that provides users with a range of force choice alternatives, therefore reducing cognitive demands and increase opportunities for success. The images presented also give the opportunities for users to discovery variation and nuances in expression, often a skill persons with autism can find challenging.

Yes- the app provides forced choice alternatives that range in similar to vastly different emotions. Users are required to make single hit matching, which caters to most levels of users.

The app can target emotional regulation, protective behaviours and social skills goals. The app itself doesn’t have multiple levels to grade and adapt though, so it is helpful to use and repeat but can’t grow as the persons knowledge grows.

Yes, following a positive behaviour support system the app gives ticks and positive noise for choosing the right image. Doesn’t give a cross or negative noise for a wrong choice (gives a neutral bell noise when you have chosen incorrect one)

Yes, limited language is used (just the emotion name), therefore can reduce cognitive demands or provide opportunities to promote discussion around emotions and different expressions.

No. The app does not have different levels, therefore is helpful to consolidate recognition of emotions and their matching expression, however further extension would be reliant on a facilitation partner.

Yes it targets emotional understanding by looking at facial expressions.

The app could be improved by having multiple levels, one that includes body language also, and one that includes contextual photos to assist with blank level 3 and 4 questions. At current you have to download multiple apps for these services, you should be able to choose a level at the start rather than have to download multiple apps.

The app was easy to use and easy to understand which would be helpful when introducing and reinforcing the concept of emotions and their expressions in a more motivating manner.


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Personal & Social

Social Skills
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