Social Skill Builder: My School Day

By Social Skill Builder, Inc.

Social Skill Builder: My School Day

Social Skills Builder – My School Day App supports students to prepare for school transitions and learn about appropriate behaviours for school and social situations.

This app helps users the appropriate interactions within the classroom, and basic school social skills.  This is done through video clips which are re-enforced by text and auditory voice-overs.  In the older age categories, the app also explores unexpected behaviours and supports the user to understand why these behaviours – such as bullying – are not okay.

This app can be used by families, school staff, therapists and support workers across a range of environments to support a student’s engagement in school, or transition to a new classroom.

Social Skill Builder: My School Day

What we think

Social Skills Builder – My School Day App offers autism friendly strategies such as providing visual learning opportunities, repetition to support generalization of skills across classroom and break environments and consistency in the activity formats which will encourage engagement in the app.

Social Skills Builder – My School day is an easy app to use, and only requires a few clicks before the activities are underway.  Each user simply needs to create a player name, pick a category and then a skill they’d like to learn about.  The app will then take the user through their selected skill, and all you must do is click ‘continue.’  Users have the option to return to the Home screen if they want to discontinue with that specific skill, and pick another.

This app can be used to target a variety of goals including transition to school, and development of social skills within a school setting.  The app can also be used across a variety of settings – not only does it explore school environments but it also supports users to understand what to do when they visit a school friends house, or a local restaurant.

The app includes appropriate motivators – it gives the user a verbal compliment when they have selected the correct cues from the video, and the correct answer is also supported by a visual character popping up.

This app is appropriate for people who are attending school. The app videos and questions are only available in English, therefore is only suitable for students who are attending an English speaking school.

The ‘start’ and arrow buttons are small but isolated, however in the older age categories where there are multiple answers to choose, at times these can be positioned quite close to each other.  A person with reduced finger isolation, motor planning or vision perception/impairments may have difficulties.

No, unfortunately this app is unable to be pre-programmed or altered in any way.

However, the Social Skill Builder multi-level software has won multiple awards and has more options than the app around individualisation.

Yes. The app provides an opportunity to increase understanding of social skills in new and existing environments around the school day.

Increasing the capacity to personalise the activities to the needs of the client – e.g. type of answer buttons (picture vs words) and size of answer keys would increase the amount of school students this app would be suitable for.

This app has multiple skill areas for the user to choose and watch, and that there are different videos and skill categories for different ages.

I like that the app is fairly easy to use and directs the user to their needs with it’s easy to follow format.


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Personal & Social

Social Skills
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