Smiling Mind


Smiling Mind

This App supports individuals engage in regular mindfulness practice. It is a mainstream app aimed adolescents/adults. It allows individuals to commence and continue meditation practice and track wellbeing as the practice continues over time.

Smiling Mind

What we think

Mindfulness is an well evidenced strategy to support emotional regulation and anxiety management. This strategy is best employed by regular practice. This app uses appropriate language and strategies to explain the benefits and evidence of mindfulness for a mainstream audience. The app supports users to undertake mindfulness practice and have reminders to support regular practice.

The Smiling Mind website also provides significant documentation of evidence.

This app is easy enough to use although it doesn’t provide explicit instruction at the start. Some individuals may need support to get started for this reason.

The app provides graded engagement, starting with an explanation of mindfulness and shorter meditations. It does move onto longer meditations, however the shorter meditations are still available. The meditations are targeted to the age of the individual logged on.

There are very limited visual prompts for this app. A timer is shown for the meditations, a graph is shown to rate well-being and written prompts. The Smiling Mind Website also provides support for schools and work places to increase participation for groups.

The use of graphs to demonstrate changes in well-being over time could be motivating for some individuals.

This app relies heavily on use of aural communication to engage with the meditation practice. Individuals who have difficulty listening and understanding instructions without visuals may have difficulties with this app. The meditations are generally undertaken in a sitting position so individuals with limitations in core stability (difficulty sitting) may need to be supported to lay down to complete the meditations.

There is limited ability to personalise this app.

This app provides an excellent opportunity for users to commence regular mindfulness practice and maintain regular mindfulness practice.

This app is not created specifically for people with Autism. It would benefit from some visuals to support understanding and engagement for some users with Autism.

It’s great that this is an Australian App that supports engagement with a strategy which can really benefit people with Autism.


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Age Ranges: Adult, School-Age

Curriculum: Personal & Social

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