Goodbye anger

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Goodbye anger

Goodbye Anger is part of a collection of interactive social stories by My tales, which deals with specific issues around educational difficulties.

Goodbye anger was specifically designed to help young children control tantrums, and tells a story about a child who is always angry, who kicks without stopping and his parents no longer know what to do. But one day, a visit from the fairy of good humour teaches him a trick to manage his anger.

Goodbye anger

What we think

No, while Goodbye Anger was designed by parents of a daughter with Down Syndrome, they did not specifically design the app to target children with disabilities. Anecdotally it has been highlighted as a useful tool to support emotional regulation in children with ADHD and ASD.  However the creators of the app advice common sense and parental responsibility when using the app as a tool for a child’s anger management.

Yes, its easy interface is designed to be readily understood by children. There are no more than four functions to click on each page-all of which have arrows to start the story (on the home page) and then go back and forth each page in the story.

The app can target emotional regulation, language development and social skills. However, it does not target a series of goals and only provides the story to read and colouring pages on the app that relate to the story.

Yes, the app provides fun features including the ability to customise the face of the character using your device camera or accessing photo gallery. It also has music, colouring pages to add-on in the story and bright, interesting visuals in the story.

The app provides captions and a read-out-loud option. It also offers two languages-English and Spanish.

While the interface of the app is simple enough for anyone to navigate, in order to engage and understand the message of the story, the user will require receptive language skills to understand multiple sentence paragraphs/narratives.

To some extent- the story can be read without narration or with narration for those who may struggle with literacy. It is available in two languages at this stage.

Yes, the app targets anger as suggested in the title i.e. managing big reactions (tantrums) by positive thinking and explicitly suggesting what children can do instead e.g. think of the funny side. It can be a helpful supplementary tool to support emotional regulation.

This App is missing an ‘application’ section for its activities. It could extend the child’s learning and help with generalising skills learned if there were discussion questions, a quiz or scenario/situational questions for the children that were age appropriate.

The add-ons which allow you to change the face of the character and colour the illustrations in the story.


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Age Ranges: Early Years

Curriculum: Personal & Social

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