Autism Behavior Toolbox – Social Skills

By Behavior Tool Box Inc

Autism Behavior Toolbox – Social Skills

This app helps to develop social skills in children and teens. It is only meant for professionals, teachers or parents, as it provides strategies that they can implement for the child.

Autism Behavior Toolbox – Social Skills

What we think

It was developed by David Erickson following research done in Canada. The strategies are in line with the Autism Framework.

Easy to navigate as things are well categorised. However it is extremely wordy!

Yes, it provides strategies for a number of different social situations – anything from bullying and teasing to travelling and vacations. Since the strategies are categorised according to age levels, they could be easily adapted for progressive goals over a period of time. Also, there are a range of strategies suggested, so ones that may suit the client can be selected.

No, it’s meant for parents/professional – not for the client themselves.

No, it’s meant for parents/professionals – not for the client themselves. Since it is quite wordy and uses some jargon, it would be best for families whose first language is English.

Yes, it can be adapted according to age and personal notes maybe written and attached.

Yes – it gives strategies to prepare the client for a particular social situation.

• The word ‘autistic’ is used throughout the app.
• Larger and different coloured font would break the monotony
• There are currently no pictures and no other interactive features

• It has a feature that allows you to save strategies that you like and text, email and print them as a book. You can also make your own notes and attach it.
• It also categorise strategies into age ranges i.e 3 -5, 5-8 and 9 -12.


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Personal & Social, Ethical Behaviour

Social Skills
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