STEP 3- Find your app!

There are many sources of reviews and lists you can use to find useful apps.

◦The reviewed apps section of this website provides a variety of apps that we have reviewed considering evidence-based autism practice and elements of the Australian National Curriculum.

◦ A complete list of the apps we have reviewed can be downloaded here. Full reviews of some of these apps have not been included on this website based on assessment of particular features, such as suitability for Australian users, options for individualisation, and feedback provided by the app. We have aimed to present reviews from a small collection of versatile and relevant applications for families, individuals and teachers to choose from.

◦Many ideas for apps and extensive app lists may also be found in helpful websites section


Once you have found some apps that may be suitable for the individual and their identified goal, use the goal setting worksheet to examine the app in more detail. This could be completed as part of a team meeting to discuss whether the app suits the needs of the individual in a range of settings.



Here is a case study example for using the worksheet:




After you have confirmed the app is a good fit for the individual, consider the following:


Some strategy ideas have been discussed in the Using your iPad section of this website.