STEP 1 – ALWAYS begin with the individual

Think about the person’s strengths and what motivates them.

planning for the individual

Answering these questions may help you to think about activities where the individual achieves success and is motivated to participate.

This can be a good starting point for introducing an app, for example an app may be motivating if it includes favourite photos, sounds or allows for customisation to include these elements.







Consider which areas of a person’s day in which learning through the app could assist. It can be overwhelming to think about all the areas of a person’s life at once.

Many people make this more achievable by starting to think about just one activity during the day and choose one skill within that activity that the individual with ASD requires support with.

For example, Thomas is 12 years old and enjoys going to school everyday. He can do some things independently in the morning whilst getting ready such as putting on his clothes and getting his breakfast. He needs support from his mum, Sally, to brush his teeth before leaving the house. Sally would like Thomas to become more independent in brushing his teeth. She knows that he enjoys watching videos of himself and other people in his family so Sally decides to use an app for making a tooth brushing video to support Thomas. She introduces the tooth brushing video in conjunction with other strategies such as a visual schedule for tooth brushing and a reward chart to try and increase Thomas’ independence and motivation related to the task.