Preschool Adventure Island

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Additional Description

 A fun mix of educational games with bright and interesting graphics and sounds.

Format iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Age Range under school, early primary
Motivators noise/auditory, visual
Curriculum/Goal Areas literacy, numeracy, ICT, critical/ creative
Evidence-based Intervention Highly Structured Supports
Targeted Skills Literacy, numeracy, shapes and patterns.
Great For

An educational game that will teach concepts while being fun and motivating. Can also be a good way to introduce iPad activities.

Please Consider

There is no progression of skills so your child will need to move on to more complex games/apps after some time.

Generalise Skills and Knowledge

Organise a real life treasure hunt for your child.
Use some of the skills practised in the game and transfer it to a real life activity – an example could be making patterns with blocks once your child is proficient in making patterns in the adventure game.



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