Molehill Mountain

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Molehill Mountain

Molehill Mountain has been developed by Autistica and King’s College London to help people with Autism understand and self-manage their anxiety. The user can track their worries and how they feel through a quick daily check-in and activity, which then shows a tip about anxiety and autism. Over time, the goal is for the individual to lean what triggers their anxiety and develop ways to respond, all while tracking their progress up Molehill Mountain.

Molehill Mountain

What we think

Molehill Mountain is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), a well-established and clinically proven technique for managing the symptoms of anxiety. The app has been developed with the full involvement of Professor Emily Simonoff, Dr Ann Ozsivadjian and Dr Rachel Kent from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King’s College London.

Yes, the user simply needs to press a series of buttons to access the different pages, and type in their concerns and worries on the page.

Molehill Mountain allows you to track your worries and identify the situations that trigger your anxiety. Your daily check-ins are plotted on a chart which allows you to identify pattern and trends – and you can also display a previous check-in to help you identify recurring triggers for your anxiety.

There are multiple visual motivators in the app e.g. animations in the app allow the user to ‘lock’ away their worries and only to unlock them during the specified ‘worry time’. The app also allows the user to ‘unlock’ new tips and climb Molehill Mountain.

The app is built specifically with people with autism in mind, but could be used by people with anxiety as well.

Yes, the app is meant to be personalised and individualised as the user adds in their own information.

The app cannot be used without internet connection.

The user is able to set reminders to check in and log their emotions on the app. The user is also able to identify a ‘supporter’ to help encourage them to track and reach their goals.

The app also links to many articles on different concepts talked about in the app, which are helpful for the user to understand how to manage their emotions with greater ease.

The tips were clear and easy to read.

Lastly, the app is visually pleasing and minimalist in nature.


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