iModeling Boundaries

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iModeling Boundaries

The iModeling Boundaries™ app teaches a child the boundaries of touch. It uses photos (uploaded by the parent/carer) of people involved in the child’s life. The child sorts these photos into groups. Each group has a specific relationship (e.g. family and friends) and a specific kind of touch (hugs and kisses) designated to it.

iModeling Boundaries

What we think

Yes, the app is easy to use. Once you open the app you are asked to make a profile and can make changes to the people/ images and groups to individualise it to your child.

Yes, the app can be modified to include different groups of people and environments.

No, motivators are not required in this app.

Yes, the app has written components and visual components.

Yes, text and photos can be imported into the app to make the program individualised to the person.

Yes, a great visual way to initiate discussions about boundaries.

App could be improved to include scenarios or prompts i.e. a bus driver would be a person you don’t know, and therefore don’t touch, but is there a time when you might need to do this?

I like that you are able to individualise the groups and people to suit the child, and people they may encounter in their life.


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Age Ranges: Early Years, School-Age

Curriculum: Ethical Behaviour, Critical & Creative Thinking, Personal & Social

Organisation and Independence Social Skills
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