Daily Budget Original

By C Ruttinger

Daily Budget Original

Daily Budget Original is an accessible and user friendly budgeting app that can be used as an effective tool to teach budgeting and concepts of money in addition to tracking income, expenses and savings. The app provides a lovely visual display of your budget and can be used as a motivating visual tool for savings.

Daily Budget Original focuses on being simple, easy and fun to use. The app has a strong focus on being safe and private. It does not link to your bank account and only saves data to your device.

The app can be used to turn your financial life into a game that you feel you can win!

Daily Budget Original

What we think

There is evidence to support the use of budgeting apps as a tool to understand and learn how to budget. Some articles have indicated people who use budgeting apps are likely to save more over time.

The app is pretty straight forward to use, there is a simple tutorial you can complete when you first download the app.

This App can be used as a learning tool to understand concepts of money such as income, expenses and budgeting. The App can also be used to track spending or as a visual for savings goals.

The App displays your income, expenses and savings in a visual format. A visual presentation of your savings can be thought of as a motivator.

You can add in your own $$ amounts, however you cannot individualise the categories these $$ amounts sit in. you can however change the app from dark mode to light mode depending on your preference.

There are a number of categories for adding to your budget that you can’t access with the free version. This App is also not available on android devices, which limits the amount of people who could access this app.

I liked how easy and straightforward the app was. It didn’t require you to sign up and make an account or link your bank account to the app. Functionally it’s straight forward to use.


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Age Ranges: Adult

Curriculum: Personal & Social, Numeracy

Maths/Numeracy Organisation and Independence
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