ASD Tools

By Zenkara R & D Pty Ltd

ASD Tools

An interactive app with 4 commonly used visual tools – I23 Steps, First Then, Timer and Rewards.

ASD Tools

What we think

Yes! It is based on the ASD framework and the fact that individuals with Autism may benefit from structure and visual supports.

Yes, it is easy to read and has large colourful font. It is easy to navigate though and does not have too many pages and links which makes it simple yet effective. The settings may also be adjusted to personalise the app.

Yes, if multiple devices were being used across the individuals’ settings, it would be possible to set up the app with the same settings, with a few simple steps. However there is no way of syncing devices.

Yes, there is provision to take photos and insert images of the person themselves or things that motivate them. It is possible to even change colours and sounds to suit individual needs.

Any level of functioning could use this app!

Yes, there is provision to take photos and insert images of the person themselves or things that motivate them, which can help to personalise the app. There are also sound settings, which would allow the person to select their favourite tune (particularly for the timer going off). New information could be added, old information deleted or the entire app reset at any time.

Yes, it provides the basic and most popular tools used to support children with ASD. These tools are universal and evidence based.

The REWARDS tool has the option of taking away a token or coin. I feel like the option to remove a coin for misbehaviour is not in line with the PBS model of focusing and extending on the positives; rather than providing consequences for the negatives.

123 STEPS is a multipurpose tool that can be used as a visual schedule, sequencing a task, as an activity choice board, a yes or no choice board and to highlight change, before it occurs.
REARDS is a handy tool to support positive reinforcement.
FIRST THEN is a great tool to help children transition smoothly and also to know what to expect. This tool is applicable regardless of the child Language development as you can use pictures too. It can be used as a prompt, for sequencing and as a motivational tool.
TIMER is a colourful and interactive countdown tool that could support with giving the child a sense of control (they know when a task will end) and also helps keep them on task. It may also help children who are leaning to wait.
I like that this app is simple but has effective tools. It is easy to navigate and can be changed and modified to suite the individuals needs. It cost $5.99 and is value for money.


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Critical & Creative Thinking, Personal & Social

Games/Motivators Organisation and Independence
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