Swift Playgrounds

By Apple Inc.

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is an app that enables students to explore ‘Swift’, the programming language used for iOS (i.e. coding for iPhones and iPads). It is designed to be used either recreationally or for the education of those interested and motivated by coding.

If new to coding, there are “Learn to Code” lessons (described in the app as “playgrounds”), where you can interact with existing code and explore the results, usually with a game, story, or instructions to help provide direction.

If experienced with Swift, use Swift Playgrounds to program your own games and apps, and share with others.

Swift Playgrounds

What we think

Swift Playgrounds uses language and programs that are used by real professionals in the coding world, which is great for generalisation of skills learnt whilst learning and having fun on this app.

The program is split into fun ‘Learn to Code’ guided lessons, teaching new skills and building on your new skills. This is helpful to ensure access and success to all users.

This app requires the user, or the person supporting the user, to be proficient at exploring its database of ‘playgrounds’ (this feels similar to exploring apps on an ‘app store’). When you start the app there are no immediate instructions to follow (this will frustrate some users) – exploration is key.

Once the user has completed the ‘learn to code’ playgrounds, they may be able to make their own apps and games. The possibilities for how to use the app, at that stage, could be endless.

The ‘learn to code’ playgrounds are often attached/associated with a game, so the motivation to complete the lesson would be the user completing the game.

This app is likely to appeal only to individuals interested in technology and coding, and often requires the individual to demonstrate technical skills in these areas.

Personalisation is available once the user is able to make their own playgrounds – if they are proficient using Swift, the possibilities could be endless.

The app is designed specifically for its purpose of teaching and exploring the Swift programming language.

This app could be improved by having an initial, orientation-type tutorial. Please consider exploring the “Help” menu on first use.

For those with the motivation, there are many ways to engage with coding, improve skills, and have fun.

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Age Ranges: Adult, School-Age

Curriculum: Critical & Creative Thinking, Information & Communication Technology

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