Let’s Go Shopping!

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Let’s Go Shopping!

Let’s Go Shopping is designed to assist children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and sensory processing difficulties to understand the many auditory and visual sensory challenges of a supermarket environment

Let’s Go Shopping!

What we think

According to Apple, Let’s Go Shopping is fun and simple for parents and children. Simply add items to the shopping list, then walk around the interactive supermarket and tap on the items on the shopping list. Once you have collected all the items, go to the checkout to finish the level.

Let’s Go Shopping also features an interactive sounds page where children can listen to each sound individually, increasing their comfort of sounds they encounter in a real world supermarket.

Let’s Go Shopping is a fun and interactive app, designed to assist children to understand, integrate, and explore a supermarket environment.

Children will be motivated to navigate through the supermarket at their own pace by looking for the grocery items on their shopping list and putting them in their trolley.

Yes, the app is easy to use. The app “shopper” can move from left to right and right to left only to reduce confusion for the player

The only goal on the app is when you unlock level 4, you are able to choose your own shopping items and add them to your own list.

Once the player reaches level 10 (end of the app) there is no reward/incentive to continue; the game will not allow for further levels to be unlocked etc.

If the wrong item is clicked, the app will say “Nice try. Try again!”

Yes, the app is very easy to use; the app allows the player to pick pre-made characters t go shopping to adapt/consider different sex, race, culture etc.
However, the app does not allow for the player to personalise their “shopper” i.e. pick hair colour, clothes etc.

The game is not able to be personalised until level 4; where individuals can choose to add their own items into their own shopping trolley.

The app targets finger isolation (clicking on items and arrow to move “shopper” along)
The app targets problem solving and recognition of items
The app does not target money (how to budget/monitor spending when purchasing the items)
The app also assists children to understand, integrate, and explore a supermarket environment.

Options to personalise “shopper”
Option to add budgeting options instead of only items with no value
Option of “go to checkout” – to be able to click on arrow to move quicker to check out
The app takes a long time to load in between levels
Music – more child/age appropriate music to match game
In the app description, it details …” the player can walk around the interactive supermarket and tap on the items on the shopping list”, however the app only allows the player to follow the screen, not necessarily walk around the supermarket,

Bright colours and readable graphics
That the player must click on accurate picture (if the picture is a red capsicum it will not allow you to move on if you click a green/orange capsicum)
The shopping list grows bigger as the levels increase (levels 1-3 have x4 items, levels 4-6 have x5-7 items, level 7 and up have x10-12 items)
When the player selects the correct item; the app has sound effects in the background (i.e. noise of placing items in the trolley/check out belt/bag packing)


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Personal & Social, Ethical Behaviour

Miscellaneous Organisation and Independence
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