Happy Face

By Michael Jackson

Happy Face

Happy laughter is a way of looking at life that can infinitely improve your overall health and the health of those around you. Combined with brain-body movement, it’s a way to move forward, to improve, to heal and to maintain all of the life you currently enjoy.
The app includes exercises to change your thinking, visualisations to help direct your focus, funny things to get you laughing and quotations to carry with you and share. The idea is to provide a quick and accessible uplift any time you need it.

Happy Face

What we think

The app is project created by the Lighten.org website and training programme developed by Agata Commisso.
Intentional laugher is reported to have health benefits such as reduced stress, strengthening immune system, lowering blood pressure, stimulate heart and blood circulation, decrease pain and a general sense of well-being.
Evidence of these health benefits were not accessible on the website.

The app has a simple homepage and is easy to navigate through 4 different components of the app that target visualisations, affirmations and quotes:
Laugh Visualise, Laugh Inspire, Laugh Inspiration and Laugh AG Says.
The Visualisation folder is extremely helpful and clear, however the remaining folders all provide a range of affirmations, quotes and tasks which makes their purpose confusing.

The app is designed to provide a quick and accessible affirmations and visualisation strategies. This app can be used whenever a person has access to their phone or iPad and can be incorporated into goals including self esteem, calming strategies and self-care.

The app supplies the language and tools to find intrinsic motivation in ones self. The app provides the option to share affirmations and visualisations with friends, therefore sharing the laughter and encouraging positive interactions.
The app is simple and sweet, however effectiveness is inconsistent.

The app is only suitable for adolescences and adults with solid receptive language, literacy and higher order thinking skills such as inferencing and understanding abstract concepts.

The app provides a range of affirmations, visualisations and activities randomly. You are unable to save or store your favourites therefore can be difficult to personalise.

The app could be improved with auditory input such as calming music or reading text for non-literate users.
The app would also benefit from video modelling of visualisation to support users who may struggle to grasp concepts independently.

A simple app with a simple, positive message about looking after ourselves and being happy!


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Age Ranges: Adult, School-Age

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