Hair Trimmer Prank!

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Hair Trimmer Prank!

Adolescents with sensory issues or anxiety can be aversive when introduced to the electric shavers. This can be because electric shavers produce more noise and vibrations compared to the manual razors. Sometimes people may also think that the electric shaver is going to burn/cut their skin. All of these factors can make shaving difficult.

Hair trimmer prank app is a free app that mimics the sound and vibrations produced by the electric shavers. Since the app can be installed on your smart phone/iPad, it can be a safe way of introducing electric shavers. You can also choose to turn on/off sound and vibration to gradually desensitize the individual, without making them overwhelmed.  In addition, you can also choose different types of sounds, which may help people to become comfortable in using the electric shaver. The app also shows how the shaver works by cutting only the facial hair. This can be particularly useful for people who may think that the shaver may burn or cut their skin.

Hair Trimmer Prank!

What we think

Although the app was not developed after research, it allows the user the option of graded exposure, hence gradually desensitizing the individual. Both the principles are used in the field of psychology.

Yes. The app has easy instructions coupled with the pictures to facilitate easy understanding and usage.

Yes, the app allows wide range of customization which includes changing the colour and shape of the electric razor, changing background colours, choosing different sounds and the option to turn on/off certain features such as sound and vibrations.

Anyone who can read and is able to use a smartphone/iPads can use the app easily.

Different settings allow the users to choose between a range of colours along with various customization features as listed above.

By adding visual effect of hair being trimmed by the electric razor.

Free to download and use.

Great app to build independent and personal care skills.


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Age Ranges: Adult

Curriculum: Personal & Social

Miscellaneous Organisation and Independence
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