Children with Autism & Disability – a parent guide


Children with Autism & Disability – a parent guide

This app is an information app for parents to assist them to identify supports available in their area, understand processes such as how to get a diagnosis and the NDIS. This app also contains parent and specialist videos talking about a range of topics including; their reaction to diagnosis, sibling reaction, social skills in Autism etc.

Children with Autism & Disability – a parent guide

What we think

All information and support videos – no therapy activities.

They do include articles on ASD that appear to be evidence-based.

Not goal targeted – it is an education and support resource app for parents

The videos of other parents is likely to assist in normalising other parents’ experiences and provides the information to navigate through different supports which is likely to be motivating.

Yes – a sound level of comprehension of the English language is required. Fine motor skills is also required to a level in which the person is able to press buttons on the screen to navigate around the app.

The person is able to personalise based on their location and also area that they are requiring support with.

Information on services, funding and common experiences of parents with ASD.

I think the videos would be comforting for parents, particularly those with a recent diagnosis or undergoing the diagnosis. I also think that the ease of navigating through the different support systems would be a relief to parents as this can be a very difficult thing to do.


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

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