Learning Money Australia

By Reem Tarek

Learning Money Australia

This app uses images of Australian money to teach money skills in 7 games of increasing difficulty. The app targets skills such as providing correct change, knowing how much change to get back, paying in different ways and many more.

Learning Money Australia

What we think

The app is based on sound theoretical underpinning including use of visual supports and motivators. The use of images of real Australian money means that is meaningful, relevant and applicable for Australian children.

The app is very easy to use. When you first go into the app it takes you through a series of initial instructions to set things up. From there it is easy to navigate through the games.

Yes, the app targets a wide range of money skills which are important for independence out in the community. Activities can be customised so that only certain coins/notes are used which means that each game can be targeted to the child’s level.

The app includes motivating music and sounds effects. The feedback given for an error is often written so individuals with developing literacy skills may find this challenging.

Individuals from a range of ages could use the app. those with developing literacy skills may need support. Some games have a lot of visual input so individuals with visual processing difficulties may find it more challenging.

Yes, there are lots of personalisation options which makes this a great app. parents can lock the personlisation controls. Parents can personalise the money available as well as the totals displayed and the games available. Parents can create different settings for each user.

Yes, the app appropriately targets money skills as suggested.

This app could be improved by more exciting motivators and by provision of more specific corrective feedback when an incorrect answer is given.

I liked the range of options for games and money skills in this app and the use of Australian coins. I think it is great for people starting to learn money skills as there is a clear progression of skills to work through.


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Age Ranges: Adult, School-Age

Curriculum: Personal & Social, Ethical Behaviour, Numeracy

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