Jungle Coins – learn coin math

By Andrew Short

Jungle Coins – learn coin math
Jungle Coins – learn coin math

What we think

Mostly easy to follow.

The level of difficulty increases as the learner progresses through the phases. It is only monetary based and doesn’t link with other mathematical areas of learning in the curriculum.

Minimal and not particularly motivating.

Progressive as levels of increasing difficulty are achieved.

Yes. Also provides a lot of repetition to help consolidate the target skill area.

It could be applied or integrated into other areas of maths, such as problem solving, use of mathematical language, different contexts (eg. More representation of real life scenarios).

Lots of repetition, progression through skill levels and consolidation of earlier acquired skills.
Targets monetary area comprehensively.


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Evidence base / Theoretical underpinning:
Ease of use:
Multi-purpose tool:
Use of motivators / rewards:
Personalisation / Individualisation:
Value for money:


Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Personal & Social, Numeracy

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