Starfall ABCs

By Starfall Education, LLC

Starfall ABCs

Starfall ABC is a FREE app that provides users with the opportunity to select a letter and hear the name and sound in isolation and at the word level. The app uses repletion to increase exposure to different letter sounds and waits for the user to select the sound to increase engagement levels. The app also provides access to different songs to allow the user a way to learn short vowel sounds in a visual and motivating way.

Starfall ABCs

What we think

This app provides an introduction to early reading skills by providing users with the opportunity to learn the different letter names and sounds. The app uses large amounts of repetition to increase exposure to different sounds and uses these sounds in different contexts. The app also provides visual representations to support the users learning.

The app is quite easy to use. The user is able to select different letters to focus on and can be easily redirected back to the main screen to change letter sounds.

Some letters have specific games that are targeted in the letter sound but you need to complete a number of steps before reaching the game

This app targets the user’s ability to identify letters and sounds at the phoneme and word level.

The app will wait for you to select the letter to hear the auditory component before progressing to the next page.
The app includes animated pictures with auditory components motivate the user to participate in the task and watch the videos.

The user needs to be able to have isolated index finger pointing to operate the app and select the individual items.

No, the app is standard for everyone, however, the user can select the letter sounds that they would like to work on.

Yes, the app provides information and exposure to the letters of the alphabet and provides lots of repetition to increase exposure to letter sounds.

The app could provide more interactive activities for the user to participate in.

The repetitive auditory component of the app as it allows you to hear the letter sound a number of times and in different words. I also liked the songs that incorporated to teach the short vowel sounds.


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Age Ranges: Early Years

Curriculum: Literacy

Language Literacy
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