SnapType Pro provides students with the opportunity to complete worksheets without handwriting. With SnapType, users can take a picture of their worksheets, or import worksheets from anywhere on their device. SnapType is for people of all ages who may have difficulty with traditional pen and paper handwriting tasks. SnapType users can complete forms and worksheets by using their device keyboard to add text to these documents and print, email or share.


What we think

Snaptype was developed paediatric occupational Therapists specialising in providing support to students with a range of disabilities. The app was developed through practical work with students who demonstrated challenges with hand writing and completing fine motor tasks.

The app is very easy to use. The user takes a photo (snap) of a worksheet or a form. They can then type anywhere on the screen using the iPad keyboard to add text. The student can also draw using their finger. The screen can be pinched to zoom in. The completed document can be shared via email, printed or uploaded to google drive.

  • The app is great for people of all ages who require extra supports to complete written tasks with technology.
  • Provides students with an alternative to handwriting when fatigue is an issue.
  • A great alternative for students to completing paper based worksheets.

The app provides immediate feedback as a person writes on the screen they can see what they are writing. The text is also highlighted in a different colour background to allow the student to see it easily.

The app does not provide any additional feedback such as voice prompts or support for writing outside of the keyboard in the iPad. A more supportive keyboard could be installed onto the iPad if students require extra support.

The student or their staff can use the app flexibly to take photos of any visual supports, worksheets or document that the student needs to write into. The text can also be adjusted and edited ongoing.

The app provides a good support for students who need an alternative to handwriting for completing written tasks.

Only one worksheet can be completed at a time. The student would most likely require support from an adult to take the picture and set the app up to allow them to write using the app.

The app is a practical support to assist student’s with writing. It can be used flexibly, for example a person might design their own visual support, write their name on a document, or fill in a form independently.

There is online support available on the app website There is also a free version of SnapType which can be downloaded as a trial.


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Age Ranges: Adult, School-Age

Curriculum: Literacy, Information & Communication Technology

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