Sentence Ninja

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Sentence Ninja

The Sentence Ninja app is a multi player, multi level app designed to improve the sentence structure skills in children and adults. The 30 levels range from simple phrases to complex sentences and includes pictures and motivators throughout.

Sentence Ninja

What we think

Yes, this app was developed by a speech and language pathologist, and includes a theoretical underpinning from Brown (1973), The Larsen – Freeman order of grammatical morphemes, The Scarborough Index of Productive Syntax (1990) and information from the Developmental Sentence Scoring (Lee, 1974).

Yes, this app is very easy to use and includes engaging graphics and easy to use drag and drop features to form sentences. You can easily customise the complexity of the sentences and all include visual representations to assist the user.

Yes, the app can be used by a single player or in a multi player function. The app records voice notes as well so expressive language skills can also be assessed.

Yes, the app includes regular motivating visuals for passing a level or creating an appropriate sentence. There is also a full report that can be reviewed by parents, as well as a certificate for completion.

Yes, this app would suit early childhood to school aged children. The app can be customised to suit the level of the user, and could be used at home with the built in homework tasks, or in the classroom.

Yes, the app can be highly individualised to suit the user and their skill level. This is beneficial in creating success for the user and increasing their motivation.

Yes, the app is intended to develop the users sentence development skills and this app supports this in a motivating, engaging and customisable way for the user.

There are no suggestions for future improvements in this app.

I liked that the app can include a multi player component which can create a social element to developing and building sentences. Sentence Ninja works well to provide praise and rewards for the user and is a fun way to learn about sentence structure and grammar.


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Literacy

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