Khan Academy Kids

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Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is a free app-based education program that includes a library of interactive activities, animated lessons, and original books that can support the development of your child’s early literacy, numeracy, language and social skills.

In the adventure mode, a friendly, green bear named Kodi acts as a guide helping your child navigate through the program and giving them positive feedback along the way.

In the library mode, browse through a catalogue of activities you can share with your child, based on different interests, skills and needs.

There is also a motor development section that encourages children to put the device down for movement breaks, such as animal walks (i.e. stomp like an elephant, waddle like a penguin, etc.).

Khan Academy Kids

What we think

Khan Academy Kids provides a highly structured and supportive learning environment, allowing children to master a hierarchy of academic skills required to have success in their age appropriate curriculum.

Khan Academy Kids requires you set up an account for your child to use. After that, your child can easily explore the program in the adventure mode by clicking characters, doors and objects they are interested in. Instructions are given primarily via verbal prompts from the characters, so some listening skills are a prerequisite.

The app could be used at home or at school as an education supplement, and can be used effectively over 5 or more minutes.

The app can be used to create a customized curriculum that a child can progress through over time.

Visual-audio rewards for correct answers, and lots of verbal feedback and prompting from the characters are highly effective.Using brightly coloured effects and an engaging story line, children’s attention and motivation to use the app is fantastic.

Khan Academy Kids is designed for early skill development, if the app is out-grown by the user they may prefer to check out the older, K-12 program via “Khan Academy”.

The difficulty and range of topics can be changed based on user’s skill-level and experience.

Yes. Khan Academy Kids provides engaging and motivating academic tasks that makes learning fun! This app can be used across different contexts and ensures all users can have success.

Khan Academy Kids currently relies greatly on the child listening to verbal instructions from its characters – this could be improved by including more visual support (e.g. subtitles).

We like Khan Academy Kids for its huge range of free educational activities that feel like fun games.


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Literacy, Critical & Creative Thinking, Personal & Social, Numeracy

Fine Motor Skills Games/Motivators Language Literacy Maths/Numeracy Miscellaneous Social Skills
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