Hairy Letters

By Nessy Learning Limited

Hairy Letters

Hairy Letters teaches letters and sounds of the alphabet. It is targeted at early alphabet skills.

The App is divided in two parts:

1. Learning the names and sounds of the letters in the alphabet (divided in six stages). This part teaches sounds and letter formation.

2. After each group of letters the user gets rewarded with a game with the Hairies. It reinforces sounds and blending letters to make short 3 and 4 letter words.

Hairy Letters

What we think

The app was developed as a multi-sensory learning by specialist teachers in the UK.

Hairy Letters is an easy to use app. The “Hairies” navigate the user through the app using visual images. A question mark leads to a help section to explain App uses to parents in writing.

The app appears most suitable for use at home to reinforce teaching of sounds and to blend sounds to make words. Tracing lower case letters is a small part of the App. The alphabet can be changed to upper case letters. In this option you can tap on letter to reveal their name. It’s not possible to trace upper case letters.

The user is being rewarded with sound and visual images and animations. When the answer is wrong the user has to repeat the task until it is correct.

Letter tracing: When tracing incorrectly the user continues to get another chance until he or she gets it right. However, many variations of correct tracing are possible.Once all letters have been unlocked the Hairies perform a big dance that can be viewed repeated times.

App appears most suitable to young children in Kindy, pre-primary, Year 1. Some older children in primary schools may enjoy this App. Older children may find the images childish.

Yes, this app does target skills for learning early letter names and sounds.

When tracing letters increase the feedback of letter tracing to ensure that letter is only correct when following the dotted line. Currently, a messy attempt to trace the letter may result in a correct answer. Other similar apps are available for free.

Well designed for users who enjoy looking at animations.


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Age Ranges: Early Years

Curriculum: Literacy

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