Classic Explain Everything™

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Classic Explain Everything™

The Explain Everything App is a multipurpose interactive tool which can be used to target a range of different skills. The application is marketed as an interactive whiteboard which can be personalised to include an individuals own pictures, text, voice and animations. The application allows the user to create a visual representation of their work and turn it into a movie while adding text and Language. The app allows you to save your work and continue at a later time if required.

Classic Explain Everything™

What we think

• Person centred supports
• Transition support
• Social skills development
• Interactive learning

Yes this app is easy to use and navigate. There are welcome guide features installed in the app which allow users to have a tutorial of the features before commencing their work.

This app can be used across different environments and to teach a range of different skills. It could be used to make interactive social stories, comic strip conversations, or allow users to complete their school work in a more interactive way.

Not applicable in this type of app.

Yes, this app could be used by multiple populations as it is so individualised. It can be used daily as a form of video modelling to teach new skills, which can then be practised in relevant situations across environments.

Yes, this app could be used by multiple populations as it is so individualised. If a person is unable to read, they could simply add pictures. If a person does not use verbal Language, they can write and add text. The functions of this app can be individualised to the person using it.

Yes, the app is aimed at school aged clients to make learning more interactive and fun. Due to the range of functions available on this app, it can be used widely and has many possibilities in relation to implementing other strategies such as video modelling and social stories.

Once a project has been started and saved, the slides cannot be changed. It would be beneficial to have an idea of the sequence of events you were intending to eliminate this risk.

I enjoyed the individualised nature of the app. It can be used to develop such a wide range of skills and many strategies could be implemented through this app. For example, social stories, comic strip conversations, expected/ unexpected behaviours. The app could also be used in the classroom setting to make learning more interactive and allow for more creativity in writing by adding effects/ images/ movement.


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Age Ranges: School-Age

Curriculum: Critical & Creative Thinking, Personal & Social, Ethical Behaviour, Intercultural

Literacy Miscellaneous Social Skills
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