Other Helpful Websites

Independent Living Centre WA – Tables and Smartphone Resource Page
The ILC Tech team have developed the following resources based on common enquiries. These resources are designed to be a starting point when sourcing information on assistive technology.

Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything
This website was created by Educational Technologist, Kathy Schrock, and provides links, tips and tricks for using technology for learning.

Jane Farrall Consulting
This site was created by Speech Pathologist and Special Educator, Jane Farrall, and provides information on literacy, AAC and switch adapted apps.

Moms With Apps
This website provides information on apps that meet specific privacy and child-appropriate criteria from the perspective of parents. Membership is required to view the content.

Department of Education Victoria – iPads for Education
This website is designed for teachers and other education staff and provides information about specially selected apps, classroom ideas and technical tips.

Spectronics – Apps for Special Education
This website provides a list of reviewed apps for special education.

Tony Vincent – Learning in Hand
This website provides the perspective of an experienced teacher around digital technology in the classroom.

Autism Queensland
This website from Autism Queensland provide an ‘APPraisal of APPropriate APPs’ five point rating system to help parents select the right apps for their children. There are app reviews based on learning categories such as ‘social skills’, ‘language’ and education’        

Bronwyn Sutton – The Learning App Guide
This website was created by recognised Speech Pathologist, Bronwyn Sutton, and identifies a variety of apps that may support learning, communication, and skill development for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. An annual fee applies to view all content. However, a trial period is available on registation.