Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy an iPad?
You do not need an iPad to achieve success and learning. Some individuals will respond well to the iPad and some do not. The iPad is only part of a toolbox of elements that can assist an individual to learn.

Can I use a different type of tablet device?
There are many types of tablet devices available and the iPad is just one of these. Have a chat to your therapists, who may be able to help you decide if a tablet device would be useful and what type might suit you best. If you do not have a therapist but are interested in investigating technology options you may want to contact the Independent Living Centre of Western Australia for support.

I am worried my child might break his iPad. How can I protect it?
Have a look at our information on Cases and Accessories. Consider the individual’s skills or needs before purchasing an iPad as it is an expensive fragile tool. You may wish to consider a more robust device or investigate insurance options in addition to accessories to protect your device.

How do I know if an app is worth buying?
Always start with the needs of the individual and work from there. Have a look at our Selecting Apps information and use the worksheet to help you decide if the app is suitable. You can then compare the benefits of the app to the cost to help you make your decision.

A student that I teach will only use the iPad for watching a DVD or playing games. How can I introduce more educational apps? 
You may want to completely review how the iPad is used and reintroduce it to the child. It may help to change the iPad case so that it looks different. You can also use appropriate visual supports such as a Social Story™ or written rules to outline how the iPad can be used and when the child can access it for DVDs or Games. Use the iPad’s built-in capability for restrictions to limit what your child can access.

One of the apps that you reviewed is no longer available on the App Store. How can I find it?
Unfortunately this is a common occurrence and the Autism Association of Western Australia can not control what occurs on iTunes as the app creators often change their apps or remove them altogether.  We attempt to keep the information provided on the website as accurate as possible. Please let us know through Contact Us of any errors or issues contained on the site.