Using your iPad

What would you like to use your iPad for?


  • Education
  • Communication
  • Motivation/Reward
  • Entertainment

There are an increasing number of apps available now and the hardest part is sorting through what is available and creating a learning experience that is meaningful and worthwhile.

The iPad can be used with appropriate apps to provide a motivating and meaningful opportunity for a person to engage in effective learning. However, the iPad must be monitored and introduced with clear goals in mind to achieve the best outcomes.

You need to consider the individual carefully before you introduce the iPad. For many people it can be confusing to use the iPad for many uses. For example, if a child watches movies on their iPad they may have difficulties to us it for something other than entertainment when they are at school. By considering the individual’s needs and how they respond to the different uses of the iPad, you will be better guided on how to set up and introduce the iPad. For example considerations may be given around when the iPad will be used, how long it may be used for, how much adult supervision is required and what apps are available to support the individual.

The iPad has inbuild capabilities to restrict the users access to certain apps. Some people consider this when setting up an iPad initially. For further information about restricting access to certain applications please click on the following link: