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Visuals2Go is an accessible communication tool that is user friendly, simple to use and effective in the teaching of Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC). Visuals2Go is founded by a Special Education teacher and developed in collaboration with speech pathologists and parents.

The app has a range of communication options, from a selection of sentence starters, making choices between two or more images to sentence building to extend vocabulary.

The app also has a website with a range of resources, training and tutorials to help you along the way.

Visuals2Go is useful for verbal & non-verbal learners, and can be used for individuals with Autism Spectrum, Down Syndrome or other diagnosis.


What we think

Visuals2Go has been created by the experts in their field (parents, education staff & speech pathologist) using research based on AAC and language development. It is similar to other available AAC software available, often prescribed by therapist for individuals who require a visual and voice output support to communicate more independently.

Yes, the app has an easy to access default screen with large colourful icons for selection and useful language categories ready to go. The icon size can be changed to add more language to the page!

The app is great for making single word choices, or using the sentence bar to create longer phrases.

Editing and adding icons has a simple step by step process that is similar to other AAC software available and the ability to record messages to individualise the program even more!

With a paid subscription, the app has even more image, voice and editing capabilities ($9.99 monthly or $79.99 annual).
The app also offers great resources, templates, training & tutorials on how to use the app, helping build the confidence of the communication partners.

With a subscription, the app can easily be edited to grow as a user’s language and skills development. The app can be used to offer simple decision making using icons, to develop topic specific Aided Language Stimulation boards and moving into sentence development.

This app, similar to other AAC software, could be embedded across the day and in different activities and contexts (e.g. mealtimes, playing board games, conversations, making comment watching funny videos, daily hygiene routines, classroom tasks). Ensuring the iPad and app are easily accessible is a key factor, then model, model, model!!!

The webinars, resources and templates also provide assistance and inspiration on how to use the app, and it’s print off capabilities, across environments too!

The app is simple to use, colourful with large icons to select and the option to generate voice output which ensures users have the foundations for successful communication attempts with a range of partners.
When used in conjunction by a communication partner who is willing to explore and use the app themselves, the user is able to engage in meaningful and successful communication attempts, which building independence and motivation.
Success leads to more success!

Yes, the app is helpful for verbal and non-verbal students to use at home, school and within the community.

The visuals are well matched and can be changed using the image Search Library, and even the option to add photos to adjust vocabulary to different ages (more mature images for adults), activities (option to use a range of core & fringe vocabulary for different tasks/folders) and skill level (change the size and number of icons available in each folder).

Yes! Users can create their own files (with a paid subscription) and you can change the images or record voice output for your icons to personalise even more!

Yes. The app is an accessible and cheap AAC software that provides great language options and flexibility to needs. The free version has a great selection of folders and icons and some editing capabilities.

The app, along with the website you can access via the app, has a range of different albums and printing templates to help incorporate visuals across a range of tasks and environments. You can either purchase these individually or with a subscription have access to them all.

Offering female and male voice output options in the free version and images that would suit an older population e.g. line drawings or symbols.

The ease of use and editing, as some other AAC software can be scary and overwhelming for communication partners, often leading to abandonment of AAC.

The app, and website, offer so much support, training and resources to ensure communication partners feel confident to use multi-modal communication across different contexts and activities.


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Personal & Social, Information & Communication Technology

Language Organisation and Independence
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