TOBY Autism Therapy – On Screen & Real World Play Based Interactive Activites


TOBY Autism Therapy – On Screen & Real World Play Based Interactive Activites

Toby Playpad is a therapist and parent designed app that provides a curriculum of early intervention therapy activities. The activities are graded allowing the parent to select activities in specific learning areas based on the child’s performance. For example the app will only offer more complex choices once the easier tasks have been correctly completed. The app provides resources for the parent on how to set up the child’s learning environment and when and how to prompt the child if they need assistance.

TOBY Autism Therapy – On Screen & Real World Play Based Interactive Activites

What we think

The app is designed by speech pathologists, clinical psychologists and computer scientists from Curtin University and Deakin University. Toby Playpad has shown positive results in research conducted by Curtin University and Deakin University when trialled with families.

The app itself is quite complex, however they have a helpful video guide in the ‘getting started’ section as well as resources and tips for parents to use.

Toby playpad is designed to be used in a variety of contexts. The app includes on screen solo activities, on screen partner activities and real world activities to help generalise the skills learnt on screen.

The app has a built in reward system where the child collects tokens for activities completed and these can be spent on a choice of rewards.

The app could be used by children from a range of backgrounds once the parent or carer has selected the activities for completion.

The app can be personalised to a degree. The parent can make their child or children a profile each and assign the child an image and a mascot as well as choosing a reward for the child. The app works on a tiered system and the parent can select activity choices dependant on the child’s previous performance within the app.

The app works through a syllabus of activities in each of the key learning areas including imitation, matching, receptive language, expressive language and joint attention. The app targets these learning areas using on screen and real life graded activities.

The app could allow for more personalisation such as including a picture of the child and allowing the parent to add in real life rewards.

I loved that the app includes real life activities and provides parents and carers with comprehensive resources on the best ways to plan the learning environment and how and when to prompt the child.


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Literacy, Personal & Social

Fine Motor Skills Language Literacy Social Skills
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