Oz Phonics 1 – Phonemic Awareness and Letter Sounds

By DSP Learning Pty Ltd

Oz Phonics 1 – Phonemic Awareness and Letter Sounds

Oz Phonics is a fun and interactive app that can make learning literacy fun for all students. The app provides step-by-step exercises, that supports the hierarchy of skills required to become a proficient reader and speller.

Oz Phonics 1 – Phonemic Awareness and Letter Sounds

What we think

The content and levels of this app, starting from Intro to Reading, provides the education and consolidation of foundation phonemic awareness skills required to read and write. This step by step approach is called synthetic phonics, taught by schools and speech pathologists as the most effective method to reading introduction. The app provides a highly structured and supportive learning environment for users.

Oz Phonics is easy to navigate through activity levels and provides both written and verbal instructions for users.

The app provides an extensive range of phonemic awareness levels, which allows students to move up levels as their knowledge of new skills progress. Activities commence at sound recognition, then manipulation and finally representation of letters in differing word lengths (e.g. simple single words to sentence level)

The app is highly interactive and engaging which acts as a consistent motivator throughout activities. A range of visual and verbal encouragers are incorporated into activities.  The app does not provide additional reward systems, however it is encouraged for parents and teachers to provide personal praise and appropriate rewards as necessary.

The app has useful written and verbal instructions for each activity, which allows greater access for a range of users. The earlier levels can also offer American and New Zealand accents, along with Standard Australian accent.

As the app provides a wealth of activities, following the progression of skills, persons can commence their learning at their specific current skill level and work their way through more complex tasks as they progress. The website also provides a range of worksheets and lesson plans in conjunction to the apps activities.

Oz Phonics provides a comprehensive and motivating approach to teaching students early literacy skills, whilst also educating  adults on the hierarchy of skills required to further develop a students reading and writing.

Improvements to the app include:

  • Availability across different devices
  • Option to share results with multiple parties directly

The app clearly outlines the necessary skills literacy learners require to have success, in easy step by step activities and levels..

All activities are motivating and provide appropriate modelling of speech sounds blending together  to make words, rather than letter names.


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