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News-2-You is the weekly newspaper for beginning readers and special needs students. Every week, students can connect with the world through concise symbol-supported news articles, puzzles, games and recipes. The news stories provide stimulating information on reader-friendly topics


What we think

Yes. This app utilises symbols, highlighting, and voice-over to assist with reading comprehension, all of which have a strong theoretical basis.

The app is easy to use, however full benefits require an internet connection.

Multiple reading levels allow you to tailor the app to suit your needs. The reading skill can be increased as needed, and topics chosen can reflect the individuals strengths and interests.
The app also allows the user to create multiple profiles for different individuals and personalise the preferences for each one. This makes it very useful in school settings.

The only motivators utilised by this app are the topics of the news stories, which can be tailored to the interests of the individual.

There is some practice required to figure out the different settings, however once this is done the app is easy to use, and can be used by people of many different backgrounds.

Yes. Stories can be chosen to suit interests, and reading skill can be adjusted for. There is also customisable voice-over, both child and adult, with multiple accents to choose from.

Yes. This app assists with reading ability, as well as teaching the basics of relaying a story to others.

The stories chosen do not always reflect current events. It would be worth having stories customised based on country, however this is not currently available.
The stories are also quite expensive for a yearly subscription, however individual stories can be purchased for cheaper.

I like the level of customisation available in this app.


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Evidence base / Theoretical underpinning:
Ease of use:
Multi-purpose tool:
Use of motivators / rewards:
Personalisation / Individualisation:
Value for money:


Age Ranges: School-Age

Curriculum: Literacy, Critical & Creative Thinking, Personal & Social

Language Literacy Social Skills

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