Clicker Sentences

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Clicker Sentences

Clicker Sentences enables a caregiver to quickly create sentence building activities on any topic, tailored specifically to support each user’s individual needs. Users tap each word to create the sentence in their document, then swipe to move on to the next sentence in the set, quickly building a significant piece of writing.

A bank of learning resources covering a wide range of topics are available to download, with new resources are added regularly.

Clicker Sentences

What we think

Yes. This app is a convenient tool to create activities which are commonly used by Teachers and Speech Language Pathologists to encourage the development of Literacy and Language skills.

Caregivers can set up a sentence for the user in a few seconds by simply typing or pasting them in. The Edit Mode makes tailoring the activities to the user’s specific requirements relatively easy.

The caregiver can change the amount of support offered in each sentence building activity, enabling every user to achieve writing success.
You can display the completed sentence as a model on the grid to copy. Or display the sentence as a ‘pop-up’ (i.e. users can see the sentence, but must close the pop-up before they can continue). Or make an auditory model (i.e. users must listen before writing). Or create a guided-order activity, which will reinforce left-to-right directionality.

The app includes the ability to add pictures to the sentences to motivate as well as provide extra support.

The built-in children’s voices provide users with realistic speech support as they work, encouraging them to re-read their sentences and check that they make sense. A lowercase keyboard is also available.

The sentence sets can be personalised using pictures. There are some font options (including dyslexic friendly fonts).

The Clicker range of apps can seem costly, so it may benefit some buyers if there were a ‘lite’ version or trial period.

Having access to an expanding bank of pre-made activities means less work for you.


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Age Ranges: School-Age

Curriculum: Literacy

Language Literacy
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