Autism iHelp – Comprehension

By John Talavera

Autism iHelp – Comprehension

A vocabulary teaching APP targeting receptive language skills using real life photographs, and requires the child to follow written or verbal instructions.

Autism iHelp – Comprehension

What we think

Created by a parent of a child on the spectrum and a Speech Pathologist

It is easy to read and navigate between pages. There are different levels however the free version only contains one level.

The free version appears to be very limited in applications and does not allow for progression to different levels. There are 2 choices of comprehension, the first uses concepts of shapes and objects and the second uses concepts of objects and place. In each category`s there are 6 sets. You are only able to access the first set in each category in the free version.

There is no immediate recognition of the correct answer, if you make the incorrect choice the object you moved will not stay in place. You are able to track progress on the home screen.

The ability to read the instruction in the free version is far more advanced than the action requested i.e. “Place the star on the bucket”. It requires knowledge of the names of shapes and objects as well as the concept of left, right and middle.
The user will need to be able to place a finger and hold it on the object in order to move it. It does not appear to be immediately responsive to touch and sometimes takes a while to respond

Instructions can be either written or verbal and increase in complexity, the verbal instructions did not activate in the free version despite being turned on. There is an option to choose a male or female voice.

The App requires the user to be able to follow instructions. If they are listening to the verbal instructions they would have to focus on the instruction and then rely on memory. At the same time they would be required to scan the options. In order to follow the instructions they would need to have knowledge of shapes and concepts of objects and position. In the free version the instruction entails one step

Instructions prior to each level stating what will be targeted in order to establish if user has required concepts. Acknowledgement or reward to indicate correct response.

The pictures are clear and realistic and the App is simple and straight forward to navigate between the pages


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Literacy, Ethical Behaviour, Numeracy

Language Literacy
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