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This is a very simple journal writing app where students can write a short paragraph about their day, and select a picture for how they felt, where they were and what the weather was like. They can upload a personal picture as a reminder from the day.

Format iPad
Age Range late primary, high school
Motivators visual, tangible
Curriculum/Goal Areas personal social
Evidence-based Intervention Individual Supports, Highly Structured Supports, Family Involvement
Targeted Skills The app allows a simple structure for students to begin journal writing using photos and text.
Great For
  • Students who are interested in writing and journaling and would like a simple, structured format to complete this.
  • Students who would like to recall what they have done, for example note down what they have done during the holidays.
  • Students who like a combination of written and visual support to complete the journal.
Please Consider

The app only has preselected pictures for feelings, weather and where the event took place. This may not be suitable for some users.

The app does not provide any support for the writing component so users who are developing literacy skills may have to write using another app or with the support of an adult. This is also the case for reading the written information.

Generalise Skills and Knowledge

Use the app to help a student to tell news after the school holidays or make notes for an important event such as school camp or a week away.



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