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Additional Description

This app is a visual sand timer. It enables the user to set an amount of time up to an hour with 1 second increments.

Format iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Age Range under school, early primary, late primary, high school, adult
Motivators noise/auditory, visual
Curriculum/Goal Areas personal social
Evidence-based Intervention Highly Structured Supports, Autism Specific Content, Supported Transitions, Behaviour Management
Targeted Skills Maintaining attention to task, transitioning, providing specific time for reward activities
Great For

Has 7 different timer designs to choose from.
Can be reset by flipping the device or paused by laying the device on the side.
Can be set for up to 60 minutes, with 1 second intervals.
Can be set to vibrate and make a noise when the timer has finished.

Please Consider

Can be downloaded onto an iPad but will be smaller on the screen or a little out of focus if enlarged to fit the screen.
Paid version does not have the advertising banner at the bottom

Generalise Skills and Knowledge

Visual timers can be used to support engagement in a variety of tasks. Consider using the timer to support a student to gradually increase the length of time they can attend to a non-preferred activity, e.g. homework.



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