Hygiene HD

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Additional Description

This app provides short instructional clips to support independence with self care tasks, such as bathing and brushing teeth.

Format iPad
Age Range late primary, high school, adult
Motivators visual
Curriculum/Goal Areas personal social
Evidence-based Intervention Highly Structured Supports, Autism Specific Content, Supported Transitions, Behaviour Management, Family Involvement
Targeted Skills Independent self-care
Great For

Breaking down these tasks into clear steps.
Providing a video model, visual supports and verbal instructions for each step in the task.

Please Consider

The app contains 5 sequences that cannot be adjusted to suit the individual.
Many of the videos feature males which may be difficult for a female user.
The voice over has an american accent.

Generalise Skills and Knowledge

Consider using this app as a way to teach some basic self-care tasks. Use the format and layout to create more personalised supports.



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