Hidden Curriculum for Kids

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Additional Description

This app provides everyday examples of common unwritten social rules or ‘hidden curriculum’ concepts. It provides opportunities to discuss the concepts in an interactive and interesting way. The app has been created specifically for children with autism.

Format iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Age Range early primary, late primary
Curriculum/Goal Areas intercultural, ethical behaviours, critical/ creative, personal social
Evidence-based Intervention Highly Structured Supports, Autism Specific Content
Targeted Skills Understanding hidden curriculum
Great For

The app is simple to use with a bright and inviting layout.
The hidden curriculum concepts are relevent to most primary school children.
Favourite concepts can be highlighed using the ‘favs’ star.

Please Consider

This app would be best incorporated in discussion, rather than having the individual read through the concepts on their own.
An adolescent and adult version of this app is also available.

Generalise Skills and Knowledge

Consider opportunities to discuss the concepts in a group, such as why these ‘rules’ are in place and what specific situations they may have seen them. Consider supporting the group of students to role play examples of the concepts.
Consider identifying some concepts that the individual could focus on. Discuss these concepts prior to going into the relevant situation or environment including specific strategies for what the person could say or do to follow the rule. Support the individual to recall the ‘rule’ from the app and the strategies you planned and demonstrate the skill with the identfied context.



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