Wheels on the Bus

By Duck Duck Moose LLC

Wheels on the Bus

Wheels on the Bus, is a fun, interactive experience encouraging motor, Language and cognitive skills through fresh illustrations, creative interaction and music.

Wheels on the Bus

What we think

No, but the app has been created in conjunction with educational staff. Children between 2 and 6 have ‘play-tested’ the app to ensure usability.

Very easy to use. If you are unsure of the action required to create movement on the page, a small visual hand will appear on the screen demonstrating the movement. Large buttons ensures the app is suitable for clients with Fine Motor difficulties

Can be used in a variety of different contexts but more of a motivator than a goal-directed activity. Although incidental teaching could be applied through throughout ie. For antonyms: “The people on the bus go up and…” “Down!”

Yes. When you touch the screen at a variety of different places you are rewarded with moving graphics and sound.

Yes. You can change the Language settings and even record yourself singing!

No. The app is easily accessible however only Language settings can be changed.

You can only change Language settings in the app you cannot alter repetitions or motor movements required to play the game.

· An app that could encourage cause and effect.


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Age Ranges: Early Years

Curriculum: Literacy, Personal & Social

Games/Motivators Language
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